Sunday, January 20, 2019

I, Jamie, Member of the American Camellia Society

How a day of off farm exploration landed me in the American Camellia Society.

First, you load 4 dogs, their harnesses, their water and treats, my picnic into the dogmobile.

Then, you drive almost 2 hours into central Georgia, through peach and pecan plantations, until you happen upon America's largest camellia collection in the middle of nowhere.

Massee Lane Botanical Gardens sprung up in the 1930's from one man's love affair with camellias.  

The gardens are lovingly tended and we tread gently.

The boys stay on the paths.  Ever so difficult for you know who.

Garrett shows how it's done in the meticulously kept 50 year old conservatory.

In the Children's garden, Dax is permitted to take some liberties.

It's humbling and relaxing to walk through such gardens, knowing what Herculean amounts of work are poured into them, and not having to be the one to pull a single weed.

I bet you've never seen a yellow camellia, you'll find them at Massee Gardens.