Friday, July 19, 2019

For the Love of Cody

There's a kiddo in the barn by the name of Cody.

We call him Special K. If there would be a short bus in the equine world,  he'd be on it. The horses have been getting fed twice a day,  at the same times,  for over 3 years.  Yet,  he usually shows up last,  utterly bewildered,  like he never got the memo.

We love our Special K and appreciate how patient he is with his twice a day breathing treatments for his asthma.
I can't do much to control what allergens are out in the pasture, but the barn is my kingdom and it shall be as dust free as possible.

Scary what obsessive compulsive disorder and a Shopvac can induce.  Every nook and cranny, between rafters, between joists, the entire hay loft vacuumed free of cobwebs and dust.  No better place to be in Alabama summer than a hot hay loft.

Spent days on this projects.  Now, I'm going to need breathing treatments.  Still, not as bad as the first time I did this 3 years ago, when 20 years of dust was so thick that I had to shovel it before I could vacuum.

For the love of Cody.