Saturday, February 6, 2021

Bureaucracy Bites

 Don't get me wrong, I'm a fairly rigid person who loves rules and procedure.  WTHIN REASON!!!

Murphy and his Laws messed with me all day long Friday.  Everything I tried to do took way too long.  In the afternoon, I'd travelled to town to buy another pallet of pea gravel for a patio area at the main house.  

An hour later, it was loaded.  I could've moved the load pebble by pebble faster than the associate and her forklift.  True to protocol, they roped off the area (traipsing into area punishable by death) and then we waited for two other employees to assist her in moving the load 30 feet down the aisle and 20 feet out the gate.  After about 30 minutes waiting in my truck, I asked what the hold up was:  she couldn't proceed without a flag man.  And they couldn't find him or his flags.  I kid you not.

This is not that complicated...

Then I had to follow an idiot for 20 miles on a 2 lane highway going 30 mph.  When I finally passed him, I saw a small truck pulling a full size truck on a Frankenstein creation trailer complete with mismatched sized wheels.  One was definitely a wheelbarrow wheel.  Only in Alabama or Azerbaijan!  

I didn't get home until after dark.  When I went to feed the horses, I was missing the oldest one.  The one who's almost blind.  I looked over hill, over dale, my ancient little pony was hopelessly lost.  With no moonlight, he'd stayed frozen in his track at the very back pasture, over 1/3 mile form the barn.  He was so relieved to have a flashlight escort back home.  Angus rarely abandons him, but Friday was Murphy's Law Day.

Got home from work after 9 PM.  The dogs were demanding supper immediately.

My supper ready was by 10:30.  

Murphy had better stay off my case today.