Monday, May 2, 2022

Flowers for Mother's Day

 Mother's Day will soon be upon us.  It's been three long years since I've been able to see my Canadian family.  

The irises and roses in my garden are exploding with blooms and I can't share the beauty and fragrances of it all with the one who taught me how to garden.

Mom was the one who miraculously cured me of boredom when I was 6.  My complaint of  "I'm bored"  met the Task Master.  I was sent to hand weed a very long row of carrots.  Sunburned and fatigued, I straggled in later that day, completely cured.

Mom, the miracle worker.

To this day, one of my most treasured books is one handed down to me from my mom.  Ornamental Shrubs for Canada with all her handwritten notes.

She collected shrubbery like I collect antique roses and irises. 

With a passion... 

Apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Bonne Fete des Meres, a ma Mumsy-Wumsy.