Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Colorado and Utah

Thursday, I was in Southwestern Colorado. 

I drove to Mesa Verde National Park and quickly visited the museum.  The cliff dwellings are probably a must-see, but I'd reached my limit being folded up in the driver's seat.  Cole wouldn't be able to get out onto the trails and I couldn't tolerate driving around at 30 mph following RV's for two hours around the park. 
The drive through Cortez, CO was not a waste.  I saw gorgeous snow capped mountains.  And, the park ranger gave me directions to a trailhead where she takes her dogs. 

Welcome to Canyon of the Ancients National Monument, a huge area preserved for its massive archeological value.

10.5 miles of bliss. 

A two story high house up on a ledge built around 1200 AD.

Views from the Sand Canyon and the East Rock Trails.

Other than one Canadian and one German dog, people on the trail: 0.


A hardy little flower.

Not wanting to leave this place either!

Back on the roads again, back roads, that is!  Any which way I can avoid a highway.  Even if it means driving around obstacles.

On my way to Utah.