Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 2: OK Bound and Beyond

Passing through Oklahoma on Sunday I found Greenleaf State Park.  What a gem!

6.5 mile run, over a suspension bridge too!

Second hot shower of the day and supper picnic by the lake.  Day 2 and I'm lovin' it!

I kept the car at 80 mph heading West on I-40.  Around midnight, I crept into Elk City Park (a free camping spot recommended to me).
And this what I awoke to see find the next day.  A huge flock of geese were in the lake.

So far, I am completely enchanted with my mini RV.  It is comfortable and less of a hassle to set up a tent and move bedding I and out.

Back on the road, I headed across Texas.  Outside of Amarillo, The Cadillac Ranch is a tacky, but fun stop.

Amateur graffiti is encouraged.

My can misfired (or is it the operator?) and coated the screen protector of my cell phone.  Yes, I am gifted!

By afternoon, I was driving into Santa Rosa Lake State Park, New Mexico.  At roughly 4700 feet elevation you get a grand view of the juniper and pinon mesas surrounding the Army Corps of Engineers 3700 acre lake.

8 mile run. 

Running with Captain Oblivious, he didn't even see the 3" tarantula, even after I tried to point it out to him.  He was far too busy sniffing for hares.

When I ran back past the campground, a man was crouched over the ground taking pictures. 

A fresh mountain lion track. He said that they come down from the trail I ran (gulp) at night, cross the campground and head down to the lake to drink and hunt. OK, we're moving on to another campground!

Villanueva State Park was only 45 miles or so to the North, but the twisted dark road delayed my progress.  I tore in at 5 minutes to 7 PM, just as they were locking the gates.

I love New Mexico! Even if it is 28'F in the mornings.