Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Day at the Office

Nothing turns a frown upside down like playing with tractors.  Saturday, I had a lot to smile about.  Flynn and I saddled up our John Deere tractors and headed out for an expedition in bush hogging.

He was the main cutter and I was his clean up guy on the smaller cutter.
I suppose it was revenge for the wheelie on the Zero Turn incident, Flynn cut the very steep slope of the dam that we had tried to push mow but the mower would flood and stall from being on such an angle.  

I watched aghast with the first two numbers of 9-1-1 punched in my phone.
Meanwhile, our good buddy Dakota was kind enough to check in on all the animals at the barn.  One horse on ice, check.

 One Cole normal, check.  One Garrett still adorable, double check.

That evening, my supervisors inspected our work.

Passing grades given.

I ain't fired yet!