Monday, June 26, 2017

A Dream Two Years in the Making

The work to finish the loft in my ox barn has been taking too long, moving in fits and starts, mostly fits.

Last month, I concluded that even if I only painted one hour a night, I'd still be further ahead than stalled out.

The cattle are a distraction when you're supposed to be focused on clinging to a rafter with one arm and painting under the eaves with the other.

Cole cheered me on once.  But without any screens, the Master of Disaster didn't need to stay up there.  Nor did he need to be covered in paint splatter seeing as I became obsessed about painting the entire ceiling, rafters and all, by hand.

Only when I did begin tacking up screens, did I allow him to hang out.
Trouble is, installing screening alone is tedious.

Enjoying the view with the Kid is more fun.

What a view.  Treetops.

The odd couple.

I can't wait to move in.

If I could only overcome my fear of collapsing ladders and get the screening up!!!

Enter liquid courage:  grande smoothie with 3 raw eggs.  I can do this.

Miraculously, Tommy didn't meddle with the ladder.  Landing would've been soft, but inglorious.
By 9 PM Sunday night, the last staple is in-- screens are up (screen molding yet to be installed, maybe another month before getting around to that, but the dogs will not fall two stories).  

This is it:  We move in!

Worth the wait.  

My dream:  to live in a barn.  Now my reality.  Shhhh, stop laughing, you'll wake Tommy and Daphne, they're sleeping beneath us.