Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tommy and Daphne's Road Trip

Last month, the cattle had their appointment for hoof trimming at Auburn University Vet School.

They go every four months... Supposed to anyway. Daphne missed the last appointment, having evaded capture.
Flynn thought I was joking when I shared my idea with him on wrangling Daphne with the farm truck and a 100' of ratchet strap.

Out walking the cow.
When close enough to the trailer, we attached extra straps in order to reel her in. 

Pulling in the mother load.  War of wills...I won.

Or, she did, I'm left holding the bill and using up my day off hanging out at the vet school.

No better place to hang.

Tommy's vet, Dr. Edmondson, treats Cole to some lovings.

Because he is so deprived:)
The King hogs the entire front bench on the return voyage to the farm.

Because he can, that's why.
While all Smith creatures great and small were basking in the amber glow of a beautiful May evening, one of us had to pressure wash the much violated horse trailer.

Pounds of the black gold, to answer your question.