Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jack Frost

Our coldest night of the season is upon us.  Ahead of it, we had a brisk day.

My kind of weather.  Cold -- my favorite time of year.  By noon, it only felt 36'F.  Bliss.

I guess we're starting to feed hay almost a month earlier than last year, tonight's frost will kill back the warm season grasses.
This sudden cold snap had the three most senior horses asking for their blankies by 6 PM.  Axel and Chance are tied at 24, but Henry takes the prize at 30 years of age.

They don't make jackets big enough for Tommy.  I suppose I could piece together two King size comforters!

Doesn't he look fluffier?  They do enjoy their hot mash in the cold months.
Dax has inherited one of Cole's old puppy jackets.

He hasn't been out of it all day.
A Boonies run at dusk.

Lead on Kilroy!
Picking basil and flowers by head lantern.

And the Energizer Bunny calls it a day.
Small blessings.