Friday, March 30, 2018

Anatomy of a Day Off

Thursday.  You get up at 6 to seize your day off.  You mistakenly think you can wrap up some unfinished work from yesterday in 20 minutes.  
2 hours later, you're rushing around to leave for town in order to meet a dear friend you haven't seen in forever.
You ditch your phone in your car and enjoy 3 hours of sisterhood: engaging conversation and good food.  Plus you get to visit with your goddog.  No pictures, no phone, but imagine a Jack Russell crossed with Chewbacca, adorable.
Then you get sliced on by your dermatologist because you don't have the common sense to wear sunscreen.
Then you run some farm errands and rush home thinking you'll have enough daylight to take the Tiny Terrorist for a run before dark.  
Before you think that if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all... look at it from my perspective.  I drove home, not through my gates, but I came home from my boss's house through the trails... that's when I saw a huge white blob walking through the woods towards the barn.
I speak of the Tommy. He was loose, out, free, escaped, emancipated!
Luring him the rest of the way to a stall in the barn wasn't going to be difficult with a bucket of'd think.

Three weeks ago, he was lame and required an emergency visit to the vet school.  They must've performed a miracle because he decides to charge me and chase me through the woods. First time for everything!!! I felt like I was being chased by a 3000 lb Usain Bolt.  How is it I ended up choosing to wear my Merrells to go to town?

When once a bona fide runner, they were the shoes I used to run wind sprints for training. And wind sprints we did run.  Guardian angels working overtime for me, again! 
Eventually, he ends up in the Farmhouse driveway, tuckered out from his own antics, he is caught and left tied to a tree while I regroup my posse (me, myself and I).  It occurs to me then to try to change out of what had originally been good city clothes, but one look at the dark stains on my pants confirm that I now had new barn clothes.

Mr. Hyde now long gone, Dr. Jekyll and I walk calmly back through the woods to my yard. 
I found where he'd escaped:

Not simply pushing the fence down, but snapping all the metal!
Time to move the electrification of the pasture up to #1 priority spot.  And with storms on the horizon, ain't not time like the present.

I don't think I've ever strung an electric fence up so fast!

Whoever invented head lanterns is a god.

I need to invent one for my faithful assistant.

While Garrett and Peter are cowering in the house because of the arriving thunder, Dax is like glue.

He's going to be a great dog... one day.

Meanwhile, Tommy is unimpressed with my fortifications.

He's not speaking to me anymore. 

The day off ends at 1 AM Friday morning when I'm able to join my pack.  Never ever a dull day on the farm, ever, ever, ever!