Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Clearing the Air

My friend sent me an email this morning in response to my last post about venison processing.  She asked if my blog was based on real events.  She was joking.  She is my neighbor, literally a stone's throw away.  She knows of my nocturnal habits and odd hobbies.  It was she who wanted the Montgomery news crew to come to the farm and do a story on me. Alas, to her misfortune, she accidentally hit Reply All and sent her message to all of my family and friends who were part of a group conversation.  Now, she's in hot water with my family and friends who've been calling me today to ask what's going on.

Let's set the record straight.  She was just kidding.

But, she made a good point. Unless backed up by photos, the veracity of a story can be questioned.  I don't usually post pictures of anything that would seriously gross people out, but maybe it's worth it to prove a point.

This is why I had to wrap the buck in a sweatshirt to put him in my car; he was so shot up that his legs were broken and his innards were outtards.

Exhibit B.  Part of the 4 gallons of venison stew I made last night for the dogs.

Exhibit C.  Vacuum packed fresh tenderloins.

Case closed.

I wish parts of my life were fictional.  Wouldn't it be great if I were making up the total $2000 dropped on Cole's knee? 

I wish I were making it up that he still has 4 weeks remaining of crate confinement until he's cleared to walk freely on his new knee.  It's torture on both us to see him jailed.

Maybe one day I won't be so worried about providing for myself and all my animals and I won't have to go to such weird lengths to procure food.  Until then, I choose to see the humorous side of my existence rather than focus on the disappointments.

From now on, I will provide photo documentation, regardless of the gross factor or how off the wall it may be.


Last week, I signed up for a 100 mile race.  See proof above.  This is what I do for fun. Strange, but, as you can see, true.