Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day, Part Deux

Day Two off from work due to ice and snow shutting down the state of Alabama. It may turn into Day Three tomorrow as I have been informed that the university will remain closed through Thursday. 
Pinch me, am I in Heaven?  At home with all my animals, a freezer full of good food and snow on the ground.  All I can ask for is more days of this!  That would be called Maine, dear Jamie.  Exactly.  Anyone know of an open position for a hunting preserve manager in Northern Maine?  I'm qualified, ship us up there, I don't get cabin fever, I love my solitude and I never run out if books or projects.  Have chainsaw, will travel...

Axel, my 18 year old Appaloosa didn't want to relinquish his blankie at noon, we had to play tag.  I finally snuck up on him and collared him with my scarf. He's old, but nimble!

The one night I forget to cover my emerging daffodils.  Unfortunate, but perhaps not the end of the world!

The chickens were warm in their heated sarcophagus.

Angus is loving his new blanket.

The donkeys have a such a wiry coat that snow from yesterday is still frozen to their backs.

Tommy and Mack, regrettably, outgrew their blankets three years ago.  I suppose I could buy car covers and make alterations!

14% sweet feed and hot alfalfa mash every day keeps them happy.

With no rush to run off to work, I can indulge in watching them eat.  They now dine off to the side of the house instead of in my view from the dining room window.  Watching them eat all my hard earned money is strangely pleasurable to me.

Angus' hoof print entombed in ice.

What my Uncle Bob used as a substitute for a puck to play hockey back in the day in Arnprior, Ontario.

Cole wearing his new skijoring harness over his long johns!

The new lines and harnesses from Howling Dog Alaska work splendidly well.  I was skeptical of my harness which unpleasantly fits like a sumo wrestler's loincloth.  As soon as we got into the swing of things I understood how it kept my center of gravity lower and didn't interfere with my balance.  Cole and I only skied 1.5 miles.  He's still recuperating and I broke a ski pole beating off the oxen who decided to chase me. 
I skied the same 1.5 miles by myself to locate parts of my broken pole, but most of the snow was already disappearing.  So long beautiful snow, thanks Mother Nature, you made my year!!!

As for the search for my brother, all we can do now is wait.  We have not had any contact with him (as some have mistakenly surmised by my last post).  All we know is that he or someone using his profile signed into a social media on Tuesday.  We hope and we wait.

My car remains encased in ice, therefore, I remain most happily on the farm!