Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day Off

How to properly enjoy a day off:
Work in the garden.
Eat the blackberries before the birds raid them.
Enjoy Cole's company -- like I have a choice.
Cole is the only one of the three dogs allowed in the garden because he doesn't usually step on the plants and he certainly doesn't tinkle on them.  He's either chasing grasshoppers or underfoot.  No happy medium.
Take a brake for lunch and go to my other happy place:
Spend an hour with my gym family recharging my batteries...
                 ...then go home to repeat my morning.
Last year, I rescued an iris that one of the workers here kept savagely attacking with a weed eater.  I have never seen it bloom until today.  What a thank you for her relocation.

Keep weeding with my Siamese twin.
I pity the person who tries to separate us, they'd better be packing two sets of elephant tranquilizers.  And they better be a fast draw and a good shot.  

Meanwhile, this fantastic Wednesday off is coming to a close with a sweet ending.
Whole wheat raisin bread was started this afternoon.  It's about to come out of the oven.  Perfect timing for my midnight snack.