Sunday, June 12, 2016


Balance, I have discovered is fleeting.
At the farm, some are invited, others crash the party.
VIP:  Kingbird fledgling's first trip out of the nest.  My backdoor was out of commission for two days as it was the buffet line for all 4 babies.
Same story at the barn.
"Got flies?"
No, but I have chiggers. (Party crashers)  The scourge of the South.  Microscopic mites that ambush in grass and inflict the itchiest bite know to me.  They get in your socks and lay siege.  They do the same around your waistband, sports bra, undies.  I've cut my fingernails, but I've still managed to scratch myself raw.  I need to borrow Cole's cone.
(A picture from last Fall's rattlesnake bite episode...He's not allowed to leap onto couches quite yet.)
I've had run ins with chiggers before, but never to make me feel leprous. I'm blaming my knee.  For a month, it's been popping and hurting, but I finished it off last week  Now, every step hurts, standing is painful, forget kneeling over... so I've been plunking down on the grass to garden, service farm equipment, wash buckets, ect.
I cancelled my appointment with an orthopedic surgeon last week, because Cole's surgery took priority. (Ahhh, that would be the sound of my parents screaming from Canada...)
I don't mind getting older, I only hate it when the parts warranties run out.
Now, Cole's odometer reading is excessive, but he's still carrying on like he's never had surgery.  Being home bound is making him hyper. He doesn't need to be chasing anything outside--- especially this brazen coyote who's been making pilgrimages up to my house every night.
Not having Cole at work, zooming through the barn, flying around the pastures is too quiet. Garrett and Pete are content to remain close by.  What a concept.
Pete moved occasionally.  Once he laid down beside me when I was changing oil. I wandered around perplexed, looking for the dipstick.  He'd knocked it off the utility vehicle and was laying on it.
Garrett prefers his giant Sunbrella.
Life is good, in spite of chiggers, if you have good dogs.