Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hot as Hades

Friday morning, we jumped on the air conditioning project.  I ran from store to store trying to find the appropriate window unit that wasn't sold out!
By afternoon, our heat index was 110'F. But we were trucking...
Our drop ceiling.
The door with a see through panel.
Behold the new Ice Box!
And best of all, it WORKS! We threw the overheated horse in there by 3 PM and by 4, he was chill!
By 7, we were all chilled to the bone.  A wicked storm rolled in. 
Do the horses  A) return to the barn during a lightning storm
                      B) all cram under trees and wait for me to herd them all back in?
I managed to get 9 out of 11 back in their stalls, the others were safe under the galley roof.  Frankenstein and her leg brace CAN run.  Give her a close lightning strike and all of a sudden she's like Forest Gump losing his braces as he runs!
Once again, I'm eating supper at 11 PM. Since Cole's been on Prednisone, he's become an eating machine.  He did relish fresh green beans in the past, now he acts as though they're the best thing on the face of the Earth.