Sunday, March 16, 2014

Plan J (b)

The Smith battalion is still winning the war, despite having lost a few of the last battles.
What do they say about staying on the porch if you can't play with the big dogs?

For now, I'm staying in my own backyard --- plotting my multi-frontal attack upon the enemy.

Not that there aren't any scrimmages at home either.

I've been practicing my jiu jitsu moves on Cole.  He's amazingly patient.

Jinx has been practicing his assassination skills.  His covert operations involve killing my daylilies by laying on them. 

Spy vs Spy.  Let's see how comfortably he naps on a bed of 25 tent pegs.

Cole demonstrating how well concealed the tiger trap is under the pine straw. 

On Sunday, Mother Nature hit us with a gully washer of a rain storm.
The troops were ready.

Perhaps not willing, but ready.

By the time I had finished doing my morning chores, my pyjama bottoms were soaked.  They chose not to remain on me when I pulled my boots off.  A test of me flexibility -- I failed.

Later on, Cole insisted I cease office work to help him wage war against his favorite foe...

...the squirrel.  Who could resist when he's pointing?

A hard working man with his future squirrel stew.

Cole needed his sniper ASAP, no time to put my boots on.  Never doubt the therapeutic benefits of manure squishing between your toes.

Off-farm activities continue to challenge me to be a better person/intergalactic warrior.  We're living without a plan until I can figure out how to get Cole back up over 50% mobility.  A great exercise in patience -- I'm failing this one too.
But, he's my priority right now.

(Proof of the existence of other like-minded people with healthy pets and underfed retirement funds)

I don't spend all my money on animals.  With some of the money I'd saved up for our May trip, I'm spending on myself.  Well, actually, I'm giving it to Ike. 
After multiple failed attempts to evict fat from my person, I called in for backup. Ike is the personal trainer at Aldridge Fitness. 

Role reversal...I feel like Yoda learning from a wiser Jedi. 
You can check Ike out on Facebook at Ike's Personal Training. 
Don't let his smile fool you, he can revert back to drill sergeant in two seconds. Unlike in jiu jitsu, Ike does not allow me 'tap out' when it get tough. 


  1. Good use of funds...not that I've noticed any FAT on you...but then again not that I was looking.

  2. PS: Love the little guy in his raincoat...priceless.

  3. Thanks, Dawn. A trainer is cheaper than a new wardrobe, in the end!
    Yeah, Jinx really hams it up for the camera. He has the look of dread in his eyes.