Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

It appears we've had our last frost here in Central Alabama.  Time to fold and store all those garden tarps 'til Fall.  IF I liked tomatoes, I'd be setting them out in the garden soon.  So cruel of me to mention, since my family in Canada won't planting tomatoes for another 2 months. 

Heralds of Spring are popping out everywhere.

A wee little ground skink was trapped in a client's garage.  Cute as a button.

I accidentally uncovered a burrowed frog.

Mr. Leopard Frog was covered back up and the area marked off with flags.

I LOVE my amphibians.  In the Summer, there are so many toads in the yard at night that you have to watch your step.  I could trim up the entire yard with the weed-eater in ten minutes, but it takes me an eternity because I go so slowly to avoid injuring my little bug eaters.  The emotional meltdown, that I had two years ago when I had to dispatch one of my toads that I'd mortally sliced with the trimmer, is to be avoided!

Rains throughout last week have turned everything around here to mud.

Having the weekend off, I attempted to finish some projects.  The feeling that a Mack truck had hit me, backed over me and run me over again was hindering my enthusiasm.  Could've been the flu or Ike's workouts combined with two hours of jiu jitsu on Friday where I was either tossed around like a ragdoll by my partner, or I was instructed to drop and roll over and over again. No need to tell me, I've come to the same conclusion:  I'm getting too old for this!

Maybe I was disappointed that I was missing my 100 mile race this weekend.  Maybe not.  As far as I can tell from the Twitter feeds, only 3 racers finished the race.  Of the 24-30 hours needed to complete the race, it had rained hard 75% of the time and the trails were a soupy mess.  So maybe being out of shape for an ultra this year isn't such a bad thing!

4/1/14 update:  18 finishers, only 2 females, what troopers.

One fun project to cheer me up was giving Poppy, my Ameraucana hen, protection from bullying.  The other hens have plucked all the feathers from her back. I've tried various sprays to make her feathers unpalatable with poor results.
Enter the baby onesie:

Customize it.

Sewed it one her... the benefit of having tame chickens.

Poppy's new suit.

Ruby almost fell off her perch laughing.

The Belle of the Ball.

Another project was to bake bread.  I hadn't had time to bake in two months, so I hadn't had any bread in two months.  Yes, I hear they do sell such things at that place called the grocery store, but I prefer my bread. 

I've eaten pecan butter and jam for every meal since Saturday.  Heavenly!

When I haven't been in the kitchen, in the chicken coop, in the garden, or under the house working on the piers this past weekend, I was curled up with my new best friend.

 Kim, gave me a Kindle last week.  I waited until Saturday to turn it on, fearing that it would take this Neanderthal hours to figure out how to use it.  Surprisingly, I had bought my first e-book and was on the second chapter before an hour had passed.  What a guilty pleasure!  It even has the cutest built-in night light.  OK, so some modern technology is good.  I still hate microwaves and TV's!  One must maintain pigheadedness over some matters!


  1. hmmm... like the chicken suit.... I may need to pick up a pack of onesies... creative! (as always!)

  2. Chick in a onesie...OK you've got me grinning now.

  3. I peeked under her T-shirt today. One week later and her feathers are growing back. Waddya know it works!