Monday, March 17, 2014

Update On My Brother

I hadn't posted any news about Jordan since he was found because he has been, understandably, mortified about all the attention.
But, we'd received so much help and support from everyone, that it doesn't seem fair not to let you know that he's doing much better.
What I can tell you is that my devoted sister stayed in Toronto for a month to help before returning to Paris to finish her sabbatical. She's amazing.

My Dad, who had been looking for a new home, has decided to relocate to Toronto.  All three will then be living in the same area.  Things can sometimes turn out to be wonderful!


  1. I'm glad. More than glad, very happy for you and your entire family. Family is everything.

  2. Well that was interesting.....posted the comment twice, but I figured out how to delete the 2nd...but not the fact it had been there! I am so not computer literate! :)

  3. No worries, I'm forever a decade behind on technological advances. I'm with you.
    I'm grateful that my small family will all be living closer to each other. I won't worry as much about them and it makes it easy for me to visit one city vs three different ones!!!