Monday, March 31, 2014


Monday morning, I brought Cole to Auburn University Veterinary Hospital for him to begin hydrotherapy (swimming lessons). Last week, the surgeon who had performed his CCL repair four months ago recommended this, thinking it would strengthen his leg.

I was excited, this was going to mean progress!  I packed his life preserver.

Any dog referred for physical therapy undergoes an evaluation.  A bloomin' waste of my time and money (so I thought). He'd had all four limbs X-rayed and had his knee manipulated over and over again just 10 days ago at Tuskegee's Vet School and everything was sound. 
Who knows how it was missed, or why, or whatever, this is why medicine is 'practiced'.  But, it appears that Cole is among that 40% who have repaired ligament failure. 
When the veterinarian showed me the 'drawer' motion the knee was making, I knew this was really bad news. 
Dr. Montgomery's plan is to be more aggressive with the repair and use his preferred method: Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO).  It's more invasive than Cole's previous surgery, as it involves carving into the tibia, inserting a metal plate and correcting the joint's angle. 
I had done some research on this method a few months ago, but decided it was too risky and too painful.  Now, I see that 4 months lost on a failed surgery is too risky and painful.  Besides, all evidence points to this more gruesome technique is less painful than other CCL (Cruciate Cranial Ligament) repairs.  Aaargh, it's so hard to make the right decision.  I wouldn't hesitate for myself.  But to put another sentient creature through the wringer hoping for good results, that's rough.

What Cole will be sporting after Tuesday.

Why they'll keep him on Morphine for two days.

If all goes well, I pick him up on Wednesday. 

I left him there this morning, upon agreement that if I changed my mind, I could pick him up after work.  A million thanks to all the folks who've posted about their experiences with TPLO.  Thanks to those who took the time to write back answering my questions. 

So, I came home without the Kid today. 

I went back to AU to bring him his food, bed and blankets.

Packed his stuff in his beat up marathon drop bag...kinda fitting I thought.

Speaking of marathons, I received my race packet for the Boston Marathon today.  Pity, I'll be missing it.

Almost sad, but I can't be bothered to stew over it, I've got bigger things on my agenda right now. 

By the time I finally finished work, it was well after 8 PM when I rolled into the driveway.  No Cole to lead the charge, only Jinx.

All 15 lbs of him put on the best one man 'OMG Mom's Home' show:  running, jumping, yipping, chasing, the works.
Dogs are pure love. 
Thanks to all of you who know exactly what I'm talking about and why I choose to make my animals part of my family.


  1. sorry to hear about Cole - it's painful to see someone special to you going thru such a tough time. Hope this one works and he's back running with you soon... ♥

  2. Deanna, I don't know how you folks with real kids do it! I'd be a basketcase.

  3. I'm sorry Cole had to have more surgery! It's hard to see them hurting isn't it.