Friday, May 17, 2019

Bye Bye Santa Fe

Two years ago, I began documenting my SUV's worrisome behavior.  
Two years of tedious videoing, photographing, record keeping, telephone conversations logged... all came to fruition May 7th.

I had begun a Better Business Bureau claim against the manufacturer with little hope of any compensation.  Months passed, my case date was set, I burned midnight oil populating my evidence file with all my records.  Overzealous record keeping payed off. They took one look at my evidence and we settled out of court. 
                                 DAVID 1   :    GOLIATH 0
I wish I could delight you with all the gory details, but terms of my settlement are that they shall remain confidential.  
Thank you to all my peeps who encouraged me to persevere and not give up.  I drove Binky to drop her off at the dealership, wearing my 18 year old Walmart dress used to mark all my joyous celebrations.  
Like the first day, 8 years ago, that I brought home a new car...

To the day I divorced this one...

A day to savor my victory.

What better way then to stop by a local dairy, meet the local constabulary.

Bringing home adult libations, my version anyway! 
Party on, Garth!