Monday, May 6, 2019

The Anti-Dax

Call it March Madness, this is what I did back on March 10th:

I made the fatal error of going to look at a litter of German Shorthair puppies.

Leading to acquisition of a 6 week old male.

This is Micah. Let the lovefest begin!
The older dogs remain unimpressed, but Dax took to him like a long lost brother.

Wherever Dax goes, there's a Micah.
And if he's not with Big Brother, he's with me.

This has been the best puppy EVER! 
Housebreaking took no time at all.  He saw the inside of a crate once and we both had a meltdown, so he's been raised to be part of the pack, no crating.

Our first night, I didn't sleep at all, with each whimper, I ran him outside to pee.  The next night, I woke us up every hour for potty breaks.  By the end of two weeks, we were only getting up once a night for pee runs.  By 8 weeks of age, he'd figured out the doggy door and would go out by himself like a grown boy.  
The easiest puppy... hence why baptized: the Anti-Dax.
Maybe this is my reward for having raised the son of Satan without smiting him.  I love Dax now, not as a puppy.  I remember confiding in my vet that I "hated my puppy". 

This little cherub: addictive!
He's won Dax's heart too.  They are inseparable.

It's hard not to want to spread the joy of this bundle of cuddles with everyone!
Tugging at his grandpa's heartstrings...
Sleeping in my friend Helene's arms for an hour.
The darling at the vet school.

At any age, Dax tried to clothesline, topple, trip, nip innocent bystanders in stores...not Micah.  7 weeks old and sitting pretty in Home Depot.
I can take him anywhere...sleeping, not chasing our host's cat.
Awesome traveler by 7 weeks:

Plus, he's a real entertainer this one.
Part of the pack.
Micah's arrival has totally transformed Dax's demeanor.  He's tolerant in the extreme to all the puppy's biting and constant demand for his attention.

Dax has morphed from heathen to hero.

Micah is teaching me that with love, anything is possible.
Soon it will be Micah spooning Dax, he's put on 20 lbs in less than 2 months!