Thursday, May 30, 2019

For Pete's Sake

It takes a village.

Back in the Fall, I noticed Peter was reluctant to leave his perch on the couch.  The luster had gone from his eyes.

This in spite of arthritis supplements, pain meds and anti-inflammatories, it felt like we were losing the war.
That's when I placed a mayday call to the best canine physiotherapist:  Liz.

Time to take action.  Never go down without a fight.  

Everyone loves Peter, we've all rallied to share the responsibility of taxiing him to Auburn three times a week for his 8 hour day at Physiotherapy Camp. 

Peter's home away from home.

Waiting for Liz.

Some creative trimming for better access to his aching hips with the therapeutic oil.
Does he mind acupuncture?  Judging from how excited he is to meet PT Express drivers and how he rushes into the vet school, I think not.

He knows he's loved.

Here he is pulling Liz to the PT room.

Getting old ain't for sissies, but for the time being, we're back to winning some major battles against decrepitude. Peter is back to enjoying life.

And it's joyful to see. 

Life is hard, but never give up.

Little thank you luncheon for some of Peter's Pit Crew.

It does take a village.

Never accept limitations.

Because life is so worth living.


  1. Very inspiring, Jamie. I liked walking Peter during your visit here. Good to see he is doing so much better. Therapy works for everyone.

    1. I'm sure if he could talk, he'd tell you he's put in some hard work over the past months. He's not a quitter.

  2. i could not love this blog post more! pete's my main man and seeing the videos of him playing melted my heart!

    1. Thanks for being part of his Pit Crew. We couldn't do it without you. Truly.