Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Micah the Magnificent

Thanks to the exorcism performed by one puppy, I now have a Dax I adore.

All hail Micah.

The miracle puppy...

Who happens to be teething.

No better place for any of them to be then on my lap in the evenings while I'm trying to work on the computer.

I agree.

I love these boys.

Seeing as I only have one lap, turns must be taken.

"Mams, rub my back".

This is not the Dax of before. 
Thank you Micah for the entirely new dynamic in our home.

His methods are unconventional, but Micah has tamed the shrew.

Whatever it takes, every day, repeated over and over again.

So what if my bed stays made but momentarily.

Who cares if there's a major indoor reforestation project going on daily.  Far better than the sacrificing of shoes, furniture, bedding, pillows, electrical cords (man, did Dax love demolishing cords)....

By bringing one dog home, I gained two.