Sunday, May 12, 2019

Life With Dax

For every moment of progress, I am woefully reminded that Dax will always be Dax...

Genius caught his tongue on a barbed wire fence halfway through our run Saturday morning.
This was our first run with him off leash.  It was going so well, my little heart swelled with pride at his responsiveness to verbal commands and how close he ranged.

Our vet was quickly reached and convinced me his tongue was probably not going to become gangrenous and fall off.  
On the way back home, Dax scared up a snake that then confronted me.  Not to worry, coachwhips are my favorite snakes.  Real treat to see this one again.  It lives in and around my ox pasture.

Little snippets of joy interspersed in the mayhem, that is life as Dax's keeper.  By the way, he bit me twice when I tried to give him a Benadryl to quiet him down so he's stop obsessively licking the blood off his legs and a better bite when I put a dropperful of helichrysum oil on his tongue.  I love my kid, amazing, isn't it?
Addendum... I had packed paint in my backpack to paint fence posts for an hour in the Boonies while I was out running with Dax...meaning Micah was 'abandoned' for the first time without Dax at home.  He demolished two pairs of my shoes in protest.  I give up.

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  1. My life is so calm compared. But yours is certainly entertaining for those of us on the 'outside.' Glad Dax is OK. Too bad about the shoes.