Friday, May 10, 2019


Dax and Micah helped me with a job this evening.

The log that serves as turtle habitat on the farm lake had begun sinking.  As many as a dozen map turtles use this log to sun themselves without fear of land predators... a sinking habitat was unacceptable.

Dax swam alongside.  This was Micah's first time in a boat.

By pulling the Jesus Maneuver, he discovered in the process, that he cannot, in fact, walk on water.

Curiosity cured, Micah resumed being my lap dog.

Dax tired of swimming and climbed aboard.  Always helpful having all 230 lbs of us in one corner of the peddleboat when I'm leaning over the side, hands plunged under the log tying off the foam insulation.  In retrospect, it would've been easier, faster and I'd gotten just as wet if I'd swam over to the log.

Where would the fun in that have been?
And y'all wonder why I don't go home after work... mayhem to be found and three of us on the scent of it!