Tuesday, September 19, 2017

64 Hour Party

While Dax is at Auburn University for three days, I will say a little prayer for the staff.  As there's a national shortage of the drug used to bond with the ethylene glycol before it can cause kidney damage, the vets are going old school: grain alcohol.  Yes, my puppy will be drunk for the next two days.  Knowing him, he's ringing up quite the bar tab.  The attending vet came back stating he was 'willful', I told her sugar coating wasn't necessary, he's a heathen, end of story.
Garrett and I will enjoy the tranquility of being Dax-less.

No longer under siege!

Party on Garth!

Look, I left a book on my coffee table and it was still there 10 minutes later.

I added a snack and drink to the table and neither vanished. What a concept.
I even got to sit on the johnny this morning without my pyjama bottoms being wrestled away from me.  

Pete is back in mourning, he misses the little turd, so I suppose when they call for me to pick him up on Thursday, I'll have to go.  I might actually be missing him by then.