Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Kind of Sunday

Blessings on this Sunday:

Dax lost two teeth.  Now he and Peter are fighting with the same handicaps!
I can't wait for the new front teefs to grow in.

Then he'll look like a proper Alabama hound dog.
More good fortune on a mere little Sunday:

Our resident mechanic came in to run all the equipment through the shop for the weekly tuneups and blade changing that had been omitted this week due to Irma.  Now, we're ready for Monday.  
Sundays are my day to put the pedal to the metal and wrap up jobs. Like building an escape ramp out of our spare horse grave.  (Yes, I like to be prepared for the worst and no, after digging two graves for two large draft horses by hand, I ain't doing that again either).

Now, we don't have to worry about a creature being marooned in a ten foot hole.
We'd gotten more than half a large tree cleared from a driveway.

 And I found a second life for all the log slices.

I hauled to the woods where an old minnow hatchery and well have been found.

I had plans to resurrect the old tin roof over the well, but it will have to wait until winter when the resident cottonmouth has vamoosed.

To reach the spot, the trail I cut crosses a fragile wetland area.  Problem solved:

Up and down a hill umpteen times carrying 50 lb logs, I call that a good day at the gym.

Now, these are my kind of trails!!!  And this was my kind of day.