Thursday, September 28, 2017

Poor Old Tommy

Thursday 4:30 PM, I'm back in bed where I should've been all day.  But I wasn't.

Tommy has been getting the best care in the barn, but his infected back foot wasn't improved much when I came to check on him in the morning.  

Both his attending veterinarians said to bring him back to the vet school.  Loading Tommy used to be a breeze when I'd take the team fun places.  Past few years, every trailer ride ends him up at the vet school and he's over it.  Today was particularly exciting because he chased Flynn down the barn aisle.  You need excitement in your life, come hang out with Farm Team for a day.

I drove much slower than usual and we all made it to the vet school safe and sound.  He's to undergo an antibiotic regiment that will keep him at the bovine Hilton until Monday.  
I'm not ignorant to restrictions during my recovery, but I'll be darned if I don't find solutions to problems.
As I curl up in bed with my dogs and a bottle of kale juice that a friend brought to me, I see this:


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