Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Walk in the Park

Tip of the hat to the kind and humorous staff at East Alabama Medical Center. My pre-op nurse was a former horse trainer at the plantation where Dax began his days. Small world!
The night shift staff are some funny people. I had a TV in my room, but I preferred my entertainers who were in to see me every hour.  Laughter is the best medicine. I managed to give back a little too. My night shift nurse bellowed laughing when he busted me  brushing my teeth with baby shampoo and a face cloth.  FYI, they have toothbrushes behind the desk. 
My surgeon made her rounds at the crack of dawn. She burst in on me in the bathroom when I was bathing. When caught in such a compromising position with other people behind her looking at me, all you can do is go with the flow.  My surgeon is originally from the Bronx, sugar coating isn't part of her personality. She told me that if I disobeyed her discharge instructions, I'd blow all my internal stitches and find my guts on the floor. And that she wouldn't be as nice to me is she saw me again in the OR. Yes ma'am!! My day nurse was standing behind her laughing. I got the last laugh when I got him to help me put my underwear and socks on. Reminded us both of playing Twister.
Huge thanks to my homies: Allen and Flynn. 
To Allen for spending a long boring day at the hospital, where I ended up in recovery for 3 hours instead of 45 minutes. For Flynn, who's taking care of all the animals and is currently managing two ailing babes in the barn.

I arrived home mid morning Tuesday and settled in with my Garrett and Peter.

Awesome companions. 
I set myself up with everything I need in my bedroom. 

My abode for the next week.
I declined the prescription for narcotic pain relievers. Opting for only Motrin. I have genealogy research to do this week and want my mind to be clear. 

Makes for a more real post-op experience, that's for sure. 

As I'm encouraged to walk, I can stroll around when the pain is too distracting.  Walk in the park...