Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Imp Was Home

Thursday, the imp returned home with a clean bill of health.

Pete had a wardrobe malfunction he got so excited.
The day I went to collect Dax, Tommy was admitted to the large animal clinic.

My glorious day off, painting my ox barn, enjoying the peace and quiet, it screeched to a halt when I realized Tommy was hobbling around worse than his usual arthritic shuffle.

His whole joint was inflamed and I could smell the infection. Houston we have a problem.

I soaked his foot and wrapped it in a custom protective boot (Gucci eat your heart out).
Alas, his vet wasn't impressed from the photos-- she claimed my efforts were in vain, he needed quick veterinary intervention.  FINE!  I lost one 10 year old boy this year, I'm not losing my 10 year old Tommy.  Ox ambulance coming through, get outta my way.
Is it wise to work 16 hour days the week before my own surgery?  Of course not, the plan was to gear down and ease into this week.  An antifreeze poisoning and rotting foot were nowhere on my agenda.  Murphy, you SOB, bring it on, Sunshine.  I'll probably be coming out of anesthesia on Monday throwing punches. 
My lawn still had its mowing, by flashlight, eat that Murphy.

Dax, on his first day back home from the hospital, squeezed through a gap in a gate and went on a solo walkabout Friday morning.  I searched for him frantically and discovered him 20 minutes later down on a trail.  Murphy, I will find you and kill you.

Silver lining:  it made my decision to send him to boarding school for a week that much easier to accept.  Yup, he's going to reform school.  Head Master Stewart Harvard will train him for the next week.

Muha, muhaha.
Tommy was released on the third day after his procedure.  I have loved that boy since he was 2 days old.  Anyone caught saying dumb ox around me is in for a knuckle sandwich.  He has a heart of gold.

Saturday morning, Dakota endeavored to build him a new home for recuperation.  He can't get his bad foot wet, or it will surely become reinfected.

A big stall and a small loafing area. 
Showing his gratitude by settling right in.

Don't know about the company you work for, but I bet your perk package doesn't include emergency ox housing.  No?  Keep your complimentary gym membership, season football tickets and premium parking.  These are the benefits I seek.
Tommy is irreplaceable.  

Murphy and his Law are off seeking easier prey.  And don't you come back, you scoundrel.